The Catholic University of America

Oct. 9, 2014

STRS Receives $185,000 Grant Promoting Scientific Study

The Catholic University of America School of Theology and Religious Studies (STRS) was one of 10 Christian institutions awarded “Science for Seminaries” grants from the American Association for the Advancement of Science this week. The grant is intended to help institutions integrate science into core theological curricula.

The current curriculum for STRS offers opportunities for students, including seminarians, to study astronomy, cosmology, biology, psychology, neuroscience, mental health and cognitive science, and science in relation to the history of the Church. STRS counts among its students seminarians from nearby Theological College, the national seminary of CUA that is administered by the Society of Saint Sulpice, an association of Catholic priests.

The $185,000 grant is intended to cover the cost of faculty, campus-wide events on the relevance of science to theological education, science resources, guest speakers, and more. In the months to come, three STRS professors — Monsignor Kevin Irwin, David Bosworth, and Robert Miller — will endeavor to integrate new scientific content into courses and, working with scientific mentors supplied by the association and recruited by CUA faculty, lead other faculty members in creating an environment in the school where science topics are thoroughly explored.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the School of Theology and Religious Studies to foster a good awareness of science in our seminarians,” said Monsignor Paul McPartlan, acting dean of STRS and the Carl J. Peter Professor of Systematic Theology and Ecumenism. “Rightly understood, science and faith are not rivals, as is often unfortunately thought, but partners, enhancing one another in the search for truth.

“With the help of this grant, our students, please God, will grow to understand that more deeply themselves, and will be so much better equipped to bear witness to that in their ministry.”




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