The Catholic University of America

Sept. 9, 2014

A New Look For Hartke After Summer Renovations

  The renovated Hartke Theatre includes refurbished seating, new carpeting, and freshly painted walls.

Members of the University and Washington, D.C. area communities will enjoy a more comfortable theatre experience this semester at Hartke Theatre, thanks to the many renovations and updates recently completed at the building, including new carpets and refurbished theatre seats.

The renovation project, which was completed by the University Office of Facilities Operations over the summer, included the purchase and installation of new carpeting in the Hartke Theatre and lobby; the refurbished seating in the theatre, including the addition of new cushions; repainting of the theatre walls and ceilings as well as the lobby doors and frames; and the installation of a new area rug and wall fabric for the second-floor lobby space.

According to Jerry Conrad, associate vice president of facilities operations, the work was done in conjunction with necessary roof repairs to Hartke resulting from the earthquake that shook the D.C. area in August 2011.

Patrick Tuite, chair of the drama department, said he encourages all members of the University community to stop by and see the theatre updates.

“Since the Hartke Theatre was completed in 1970, the playhouse has enjoyed a wonderful history, and the renovations will ensure that future performances will add to that legacy,” he said. “This latest round of improvements will rejuvenate the space, making it safer and more comfortable for our students and the community.”




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