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Feb. 19, 2015

What Are You Reading This Lent?


Looking for something to read during the 40 days of Lent? Faculty and staff at The Catholic University of America share their favorite Lenten prose and even an audio tape for listening when you’re on the go.

Gateway to Resurrection, by Sister Maria Boulding, Burns and Oates

“This is a series of reflections on life in Christ by Maria Boulding, a Benedictine nun of Stanbrook Abbey in England. She had been a great translator and commentator on Augustine as well as the author of wonderful books of spiritual reflection. This book emerged from her reflections upon learning of her diagnosis of cancer during the last year of her life. Very moving and insightful.”

A Lent Sourcebook, edited by J. Robert Baker, Evelyn Kaehler, and Peter Mazar, Liturgy Training Publications

“This is a collection of scripture, psalms, poems, readings, etc., for each day of Lent. It has served me since its publication as a rich source of Lenten reflection.”

—Rev. Michael Witczak, associate professor of liturgical studies

Bonaventure’s Tree of Life
, translated by Ewert Cousins, in the Classics of Western Spirituality Series, Paulist Press

“The Tree of Life is a text of brief meditations composed by Saint Bonaventure (who died in 1274) that essentially follows the life of Christ, beginning with the mystery of his divinity and ending with the mystery of life in heaven, when we shall (hopefully) be with Him. The text is meant to move our emotions and guide our affections and this it can do through its often stirring prose. Since it is a text from the Middle Ages, however, it looks to stir those emotions in ways that might shock us. His prose is very visceral in its descriptions. Yet if one ponders this little work slowly, it can still bear fruit today.”

—Joshua Benson, associate professor of historical and systematic theology

The Joy of the Gospel
by Pope Francis,

“Pope Francis’s 2014 apostolic exhortation in book format affords the reader convenient access to this challenging document on the Christian life and everyone’s responsibility to evangelize the world.”


Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in A Secular World by Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Crossroad Publishing Company

“This Nouwen classic reminds the believer that a vulnerable, personal relationship with the Other is a prerequisite for the New Evangelization.”

Truth & Life: Dramatized Audio Bible – New Testament, Ignatius Press

“This is just one audio version of the New Testament, which might replace listening to the car radio during your commute to and from work. This Lent why not listen to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John instead of the usual fare?”

—Father Jude DeAngelo, director of Campus Ministry

Mercy in the City, How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job by Kerry Weber, Loyola Press


“A fun and enjoyable read set during Lent that challenges oneself to look at how the beatitudes can be incorporated into your own life and not just something heard on Sundays.”

Jesus: A Pilgrimage by Rev. James Martin, S.J., HarperOne

“Father Martin engages the reader through storytelling, academics, and scripture as he guides them through Christ’s journey and brings to life who Christ is today. A great Lenten reflection for any reader, regardless of where one might be on their own spiritual journey.”

—Pam Tremblay, associate campus minister for women’s ministry and pro-life ministry




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