The Catholic University of America

June 23, 2015

Media Studies Department to Offer New Certificate


Beginning in fall 2015, the Department of Media Studies at The Catholic University of America will offer a new academic program, a certificate in Video Production and Digital Storytelling.

This program was designed to prepare students for jobs and to give them an opportunity to explore their own voice within digital storytelling. It will educate students on the importance of digital communication and digital narrative and provide technical training in video production.

The certificate was created in response to the increasing demand for digital communication skills in a variety of professional fields. The certificate curriculum requires six courses from three University departments—media studies, art, and drama.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with proficiency in video production—a highly marketable skill for those entering the job market. Dr. Stephen McKenna, media studies department chair, commented on the emphasis of “composition” within the certificate program.

“‘Composition’ has long had a place in higher education, not just as a tool for developing students’ understanding of course material, but as a highly valuable skill in a wide array of professions. In today’s world, competence in ‘composition’ increasingly includes the ability to communicate effectively through electronic media, and not just in writing but through audio-visual channels. We see this certificate as a way students from across the University can acquire in-demand skills as digital video storytellers,” McKenna said.

The certificate program is open to any undergraduate student at CUA seeking the opportunity to complement their major area of study with video production and digital communication training. There is no application process for the certificate but students who are interested in completing it will have to receive permission from the media studies department to enroll in the core classes and use the Media Lab’s facilities.
Students will also be given a certificate advisor to help them develop a personalized plan of study.

The new certificate program is distinct from the media studies minor and Digital Arts and Design certificate because it offers highly specialized and comprehensive training in one mode of digital communication, thus providing students with expertise in the fundamental skills of video production.




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